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Top 5 Things to Achieve from IT in 2023

Technology is being used by businesses more and more in day-to-day operations. And at JMV, we’re committed to assisting Exeter and Devon businesses in adopting these technologies. But, as new technologies that could help your company emerge every day, here are the top 5 objectives for your IT in 2023.

Next-gen online security

According to the Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2022, the number of US organisations reporting cyberattacks increased by over 7% over the previous year, while attacks generating more than $25,000 in damage increased from 34% to 40%. This is consistent with research from all over the world showing an increase in the volume, power, and harm of cyberattacks.

While the “signature-based” cyber defence systems used by the majority of firms today may successfully block the majority of cyber attacks, some of the more sophisticated threats necessitate more sophisticated security measures.

By utilising AI, machine learning, and behavioural psychology, “next-generation” cyber security solutions are able to monitor for odd activity and take quick, decisive action with the aim of stopping hackers in their tracks. Platforms for expanded detection and reaction are one such. These platforms offer comprehensive environmental security monitoring and control spanning the various data storage environments used by contemporary companies, including public cloud, private cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments. These systems support live threat analysis, which enables real-time monitoring of suspicious activity so that preventative steps can be taken, and they enable the automation of reaction tasks.

Talk to your IT provider about next-generation cyber protection if your business handles a lot of sensitive or confidential data.

AI and Automation

Current buzzwords in business technology include automation and artificial intelligence, both of which promise the efficiency benefits that are so in demand in today’s corporate environment.

Artificial intelligence hasn’t yet had a substantial impact on conventional workplaces—until now—despite the fact that voice recognition, smart appliances, and grammatical checks are now common in consumer technologies. Now, AI has a presence in practically every corporate function, from targeted marketing to tools for market forecasting to predictive security, as companies seek to understand more about its possibilities.

Business process automation is becoming more and more popular, with many applications including employee onboarding and expense processing. This is similar to how customer support operations are being simplified. Almost any time-consuming, mundane administrative task may probably be automated.

If you’re looking to automate and integrate AI into your business processes in 2023, make sure your IT partner can help.

Internet of things (IoT)

Physical items with sensors that routinely connect wirelessly to networks to transfer data are devices for the internet of things (IoT). Certain Internet of Things (IoT) devices contain computer power that enables them to perform activities independently.

In the last 10 years, IoT devices have proliferated in homes, including digital thermostats, smart speakers, and smart doorbells. Also, it is being used more frequently in business settings, with the transportation, manufacturing, and healthcare industries setting the pace. By incorporating IoT devices into your network, you might significantly lessen the workload on your team and increase efficiency.

Remote patient monitoring serves as an example of the benefits of IoT devices. Smart devices enable healthcare personnel to concentrate on the most urgent situation at hand because they can continuously monitor patient welfare. Logistics are significantly impacted by the usage of inventory monitoring systems, wireless scanning tools, and IoT devices, which streamline fulfilment processes and lower human error.

Your IT provider should be able to manage IoT deployments to enhance business operations. They should also support such devices and ensure that the required security precautions are taken to lessen any potential cyber risks that such devices may provide.

Budget-conscious solutions

In 2023, 45% of small businesses are already planning for a potential recession, according to SWZD’s “State of IT” research. Cutting non-essential spending is one of the preparedness measures that 43% of people have already done or are considering.

Given the difficult global economic climate, cost-cutting activities are expected to continue in 2023. Several organisations will look to their IT systems for potential cost-saving opportunities. In order to safeguard income streams, there is thus more demand on IT service providers to identify and implement cost-effective solutions and ensure maximum uptime. The following ways can technology be optimised for business needs:

  • Using cloud-hosted SaaS solutions instead of traditional programmes that are more rigid and expensive to maintain.


  • Looking into more economical choices for business broadband.


  • Using technologies for business insight to get insights and value from data that hasn’t been used before.


  • Investigating remote work solutions to ease the strain on workplace space.


  • Switching to a VoIP phone system to benefit from the available maintenance and call cost savings.

There are many platforms and solutions available that don’t need to be expensive, and IT shouldn’t be. Make sure your IT provider can provide a return on investment for each project in 2023 and that the technology they offer is compatible with your budgetary constraints.

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