Cyber Express

Business continuity & disaster recovery

Work from anywhere at any time through the implementation of Cloud services

To help with the continuation of your business

Disasters happen in all kinds of enterprises. Whether it’s a loss of internet access, a power outage, a fire, a flood, or a cyber security assault, eventually your business operations will be disrupted.

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Our advantages

What to expect from us

Fast Recovery

After any loss, corruption, or damage, quickly recover any lost files,

Keep Working

Should a disaster prevent you from working as normal, your IT infrastructure can be made available online in a flash.


Certain regulations may require you to have a comprehensive backup to restore sensitive data, if ever required.

Mitigate Loss

Protect against the risk of financial loss from your day to day operations being interrupted from a disaster.

Find out how you can benefit from Microsoft 365, AWS and Azure


Products that provide reassurance


Data Backup

Put military-grade encryption in place and automate daily backups of all your files, databases, and digital assets to the cloud. Recover any single file or your entire network fast and easily.


If you must keep copies of every piece of correspondence you send or receive, Compliance Hold must be used. This service will allow you to store and retrieve each and every item from your email, contacts, tasks, and calendars for all time.

Cloud Solutions

You are not guaranteed to be safe from the risk of file loss, system failure, or corruption when working from the cloud. All of your cloud-based data and services can be individually backed up by us.

IT Failover

Our business continuity service has an alternative infrastructure in place for almost immediate failover, keeping your team online and productive even after the greatest

Our Services and values

Our IT Pros to the Rescue

  • Unlimited IT Support

    Your monthly charge gives you access to as much remote and on-site assistance as is required to address any problems you encounter.

  • Proactive Maintenance

    By starting a preventive maintenance programme, we'll prevent small problems from getting worse.

  • 24/7 System Monitoring

    Our monitoring tools enable us to scan your network and identify issues before they cause expensive disruptions.

  • Fast Response Times

    If you require assistance, you can count on receiving a prompt and effective response along with professional technical remediation.


You don't have to understand technology, because we do!