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Proactive IT Support in Boardman, Ohio

We make tech work for teams across mahoning County and Ohio with our proactive IT support and helpdesk services.

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IT Support for businesses based in Boardman Ohio

Are your team getting into tech-tangles? Are you having to focus your energy and time on managing your tech, rather than your business? Look no further! We help Boardman’s businesses with top-notch IT support with that all-important personal touch. We understand that downtime and feeling like a second priority are simply non-negotiables for your success, so our IT support ensures that your team gets the rapid and proactive support that it needs to stay on the road to success. 

We offer both local and remote support, so whether its a problem with an app, a device or an on-site server, we’ll be there to offer the IT support that you need to succeed. We’re proud to be trusted by businesses of all sizes based in or around Boardman and Youngstown to make tech work for them. We understand IT support is not just about helping you to achieve your goals, it’s also about making your teams lives easier and maintaining a nurturing, supportive relationship. 

If you’re ready to wave goodbye to tech troubles and want to enjoy tech-success, we’ll be glad to help you. Get in touch with us today to see the difference we can make for your business! 

Fully Managed and Co-Managed IT Services in Boardman and Youngstown

Whether you need a fully outsourced or a co-managed solution, we’re experts in taking off the pressure of technology, and making it an enabler for your IT team and wider business’s strategic goals. We can fill in gaps in expertise, you can rely on our consulting expertise, and our ‘can do’ attitude is something that all of our clients can count on. We offer our co-managed and fully outsourced IT support across Ohio, including in our local areas of Boardman and Youngsdown. Have a question? Want some insightful guidance? We’d be glad to meet with you, just say the word and Cyber Express will be there!

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Solving Ohio and Boardman's it challenges

We Put Your IT Troubles To Rest


Honesty and service-integrity are at the heart of what we do. We say what we are going to do and work with your business, and do what we agreed to do.


We offer fixed-fee service models that give you financial clarity and peace of mind that you can leverage our expertise to meet your flexing needs, without breaking the bank. No sneaky fees included. 

Tailored Systems

It’s all too common for IT support providers to be unable to tailor their support to your systems, or to find ways to harness tech to power your ambitions. We’re here to tailor our support and scale it with your goals and needs. 


We’re the nemesis of downtimes and disruptions. We know they can hurt your customer relationships and get in the way of your success. We’ll be there to help you to minimize these disruptors, including malfunctions and cyber threats.

Are you looking for proactive managed iT support in boardman, ohio?


The Difference Our IT Services Make for Ohio's Businesses

Proactive Managed IT Plans

We will find opportunities to improve your bottom line using technology. Whether its employee productivity, better client communications, we will always be on the lookout for innovative ways to empower you.

Transparency Throughout

No one benefits when you're in the dark about your IT infrastructure. Through regular business reviews, consistent communication, and IT roadmaps, you'll have clarity and be in-the-know throughout our journey. 

IT Training

We want to empower your team to be IT rockstars. From teaching day to day best practices, cyber security tips, and Excel formulas, you can empower your team to do their best work.

Great Customer Support

There's no question too small for our expert service desk. Whether its via the phone, email or submitting a ticket, we'll meet you where you're at. Your team also shouldn't have to deal with jerks. Our technicians are cheerful and always happy to help! 

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Empowering Boardman's Businesses With Exceptional IT Support

Your Local IT Pros to the Rescue

  • Unlimited IT Support

    We provide you with access to both remote and on-site assistance, ensuring that you receive the necessary support to resolve any issues you may face.

  • Proactive Maintenance

    Commencing a preventive maintenance program not only helps businesses in Boardman but also ensures that minor issues are addressed promptly to prevent them from escalating.

  • 24/7 System Monitoring

    Through our monitoring tools, we can conduct thorough scans of your network, identifying potential issues proactively to prevent costly disruptions.

  • Fast Response Times

    Should you need assistance, rest assured that you can rely on receiving a swift and efficient response, from experts directly in Boardman.

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Why Choose Cyber Express?

Cyber Express are a managed IT support business based in Boardman, Ohio. We offer comprehensive IT services to businesses of a range of needs and sizes, with a specialist, friendly team that they can count on. Every business is unique, and so are our IT solutions! Your business may also be based in Boardman, nearby Youngstown, Ohio state, or planet Earth, regardless of what you have in common with us, we will treat your business as uniquely as a unicorn. We’re not here to try to feed pre-packaged solutions to you; we’re here to listen, to understand, to design, and then to deliver for you. Our personalized approach and dedication to customer satisfaction makes us the top choice for IT support in Boardman and Ohio.

Our expertise spans network setup, maintenance, troubleshooting, and more, ensuring your technology investments are maximized while minimizing downtime. With a strong track record of delivering efficient and timely IT support, you can trust CyberExpress to empower your people and keep your technology running smoothly! 

Need IT Support? Book a Virtual Meeting or An On-Site Meeting in Boardman or Youngstown!

Where can you find us?

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