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Cyber Express – The Best IT Support Company in Ohio

Over the last 3 to 4 decades we’ve all born witness to the transformative effect of digital technologies both at work and at home. From the proliferation of computers in workplaces in the 1980s, to the rise of the internet in the 1990s, and the emergence of the smartphone in the 2000s, recent years have featured many technological milestones, many of which have left an irrevocable mark on our lives.


Rather than slowing down, technological advancement is expected to accelerate in the coming years, led by the development of AI and business process automation, further growth in the use of cloud computing and the increasing focus on the need to extract value from data.


Needless to say, we live in exciting times as far as technology is concerned. However, while the prospect of what’s to come is exciting, many organisations have yet to fully take advantage of the empowering digital solutions that are already out there.  Many businesses not only fail to capitalize on the best technology, but suffer at the hands of second-rate IT providers who don’t have their best interests at heart, leaving them to struggle with badly maintained networks and ageing equipment that isn’t up to the job.


As a full-service IT provider serving northeast Ohio communities for over 2 decades, we’ve seen first-hand how embracing digital transformation can set small businesses on the path to growth and higher profits. We also know that, above all, businesses want solid, dependable IT that lets employees work to their full potential and safeguards data against online security threats.


We’re Cyber Express, Northeast Ohio’s #1 IT Support Provider

From our base in Boardman Ohio, we offer computer repair and comprehensive managed IT services to small businesses across the region. Whether you’re looking for a proactive support provider that won’t let you down, a diagnostic audit to get to the bottom of network performance issues, or cost-effective repairs for your PCs or Macs, we can help you scale new heights of business efficiency with IT that your business can depend on.


We pride ourselves on delivering friendly, straight-talking support services that deliver value for our customers. Committed to great customer service and proactive by default, we aim to take the strain out of IT management by delivering fully optimised technology that lets you focus on running your business.


So without further ado, here’s why Cyber Express is the best IT support company in Ohio:


All-encompassing managed IT at prices small businesses can afford

Many small businesses try to do without the help of an IT support provider, often attempting to struggle by with technical knowledge that’s patchy at best. While this approach can work at first, it can often lead to problems further down the line as minor issues go undetected and eventually lead to operation-critical IT outages.


For a competitive monthly fee, we offer comprehensive IT management and support that prioritizes proactive measures to address problems at their source. Using our 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities we can rectify network performance bottlenecks and apply fixes to avert disruptive downtime, and by implementing a programme of preventative maintenance we’ll ensure your systems and software are fully up-to-date and loaded with the latest security updates.


We aren’t fans of nickel and diming, which is why we offer unlimited remote and on-site support as standard on our support plans. Our response times are among the best in the business, and we always strive to rectify business-critical outages in the quickest possible time to minimise disruption and prevent loss of revenue.


Is your current provider charging premium prices for poor service?  Plagued by IT issues that leave your team paralysed?  Let Cyber Express manage your IT so that you can focus on what really matters: growing your business!


We’re Cloud migration masters

The Cloud has reinvented the way businesses operate over the last decade. Offering access to flexible, scalable computing resources and enabling even the smallest businesses to adopt cutting-edge enterprise software via affordable subscription plans, the cloud has helped countless organisations modernise and become more productive.


Whether you’re looking to migrate to Microsoft 365, set up a database using a cloud service provider like Microsoft Azure or establish a private cloud environment, our team can manage and support your project to ensure a stress-free migration. We’ll coordinate the migration from beginning to end, and help you source cloud services that balance business needs with budget constraints.


Leveraging decades of cyber security experience, our team will ensure your cloud environment is equipped with the right data security safeguards, and we’ll help your team get the most out of the collaboration features that make cloud services like Microsoft 365 so compelling.


Regardless of the complexity or scale of your ambitions, we’ll make sure the cloud works for your business.


We take Cyber Security seriously

Cyber crime is on the rise both globally and here in the United States, and with small businesses around three times more likely to be targeted than large firms, it pays ensure you’re defences meet the required standard.


In order to rigorously defend our clients from cyber threats we employ a multi-layered approach to cyber security that comprises three main elements: maintain, defend and Back Up.


First, we maintain your network as part of our comprehensive support offering. Using remote network monitoring we analyze network performance data gathered from numerous devices, including servers, routers, firewalls, switches and more. This information allows us to fix network performance issues behind-the scenes, with no impact on system operability. We combine this with a fastidious approach to network maintenance that ensures all software features the latest security updates, applied as soon as they are made available. These actions are fundamental to ensuring network integrity, and provide the basis for the application of advanced security measures.


Next, we apply a range of security measures designed to counter the majority of online threats. We deploy these in a measured way that is proportionate to the level of risk your business faces and in line with any industry-specific compliance requirements. From firewalls which offer network-wide web filtering, to endpoint anti-virus designed to detect and isolate breach attempts the in the early stages of an attack, we’ll launch cutting-edge security devices across your estate to protect your business’s data no matter where it resides. We also offer employee cyber security awareness training to give your team the knowledge to spot and take action against cyber threats.


According to the National Cybersecurity Alliance, around 60% of small businesses close down within 6 following a cyber attack. To prevent our clients becoming part of this sobering statistic we offer business continuity and disaster recovery consultancy as a core part of our service. Featuring military-grade encryption, our automated daily backup service can copy your essential files, databases and business-critical digital assets to the cloud, with fast, effortless recovery that can restore single files or entire systems as required. We also operate failover infrastructure that can step in in the event of network failure. Should you suffer a devastating cyber-attack or hardware breakdown, this infrastructure take over and help you continue to serve your customers while your network is being repaired.


Computer Repair and strategic managed IT designed to help Ohio businesses thrive

Situated in Youngstown Ohio, our passionate team has been helping residential customers and small businesses with their computer troubles since 1998. Today, we offer a broad spectrum of IT services ranging from one-off laptop repairs to full-service IT management and everything in between.  Flexible, friendly and committed to the highest service standards, we strive to help our clients gain maximum benefit from their technology, and we’d love to have you onboard too. Get in touch today for an informal, no-obligation chat, and discover how Cyber Express can solve your IT woes.